Forensics meet

So far we have had two meets in forensics. Out of those meets we got one blue ribbon and one medal. We got the medal at Starms and a blue ribbon from Golda Meir. We had better scores at Golda though. At Golda we obtained scores of 64 and 64. At Starms we had three rounds so we have scores of 58,63, and 60 which is not that good.

The meets were a lot of fun though. At Golda we could play around in the cafeteria and talk to friends. At Starms there was a D.J. and  lots of kids who were dancing. Starms was way more fun though. Everyone started a dance circle and kids who could dance really well got in the middle and showed there moves. Some of the kids could do the splits and  a lot of the kids were just good at dancing. There was this one girl who could move her arms and legs to the beat of the music which made the moves look really neat. This other kid was good at gliding his body across the floor.

That concludes this weeks blog. I hope soon we get to experience a power round and we get more blue ribbons.


Forensics Switch

In an earlier post, I explained how Katilin and I were doing the category special events, for forensics. We changed our mind and decided to do News Reporting. I hope I have the same experience as last year in forensics and we do even better. There are three main reasons we chose News Reporting.

One of the biggest concerns about Special Events was writing the script. For special events you must write your own script, it must be three to six minutes long, and you have to have it memorized. We only had six pages and that was equal to two minutes, so we decided there was no way we could finish that in time for the first meet. The second reason was the acting part. I’m not very good at acting different or showing a lot of expression. The last reason is having to keep the same script. Me and Katilin are used to changing our script and reading the same script for a whole forensics season seems boring to us. There are some downsides to News Reporting. For example it takes a lot more work in the end and you have to be formal and fit for your news. Although it’s not all that bad once you get used to it.

I do hope that this year I can experience a power round and everybody does awesome. That is why we switched forensics categories.

Three Day Weekends💕

It seems like we will be having a lot of three day Weekends. It is a good and bad situation. It is good because it gives me a break and time to have fun. It is bad because I will forget a lot of stuff I learned and I get bored because I have nothing to do. I hope I have a fun three day Weekend, though.

I plan to have sleepovers, dance, and have fun. If it’s not too cold or yucky outside I might play outdoors. One of the most rejuvenating things about three day weekends is either having people stay over on Thursdays or Sundays. The worst thing though is thinking I have school and waking up early. Or wasting a long weekend on something I do every day. Some thing I look forward to this weekend though is ice skating with Syerra on Saturday. Since I have never been ice skating I wanted to try it out before we go on the field trip.

Anyways I hope everyone has a good three day weekend and has fun. Ps. Thanks for writing about me Katilin.


☃️Winter Break☃️

My winter break was a lot more excited than I anticipated. First off Christmas was awesome and I am happy with what I got. I also spent a lot of time with my friends and we did tons of fun stuff. Lastly, I had an awesome New Years celebration with my friends and family.

For Christmas, I played outside with my cousins and we ate a lot of food. We also played hide and seek in the dark and all the kids who were really tall had no where to go and they were always found first which was fun for us short kids. Then we opened presents and my baby cousin Brooklyn was crying because her mom was waiting to open Brooklyn’s present. After Christmas I spent a lot of time with friends. One of my friends stayed over four times in a row but we did a lot of stuff that was crazy so it was worth the stay. We played outside by sledding down hill on ice and climbing up a slush filled slide. We also walked to the nearest speed way and got a ton of junk food. For new years I enjoyed it with my best friends. We played trivia games, counted down the last ten seconds, and stayed up until four in the morning watching a movie.

After all I had a great break filled with laughter and my favorite people in the world. I was not expecting it to be so good but everything turned out better than expected. Anyways, stay tuned for next weeks blog.


The winter concert was overall really fun. There were new things mixed with all the old stuff which made it seem different from years past. This year we even set a new record of under 55 minutes for the Christmas concert. My favorite part of the whole Christmas concert was the play in between the songs instead of all the fillers like singing and playing an instrument.

Even though the show was really good it still had its flaws. For example the band was not as good as I was expecting and half the kids who we really needed. On second thought though the band wasn’t that bad but it was not all that good either. One of the flaws though in the play that was hilarious was when the Christmas lights on the North Pole sign didn’t turn on when they were supposed to. Atleast in the night show there wasn’t a little second grader crawling on the ground while the second grade classes were performing.

Overall this was the best concert at Burdick that I have been to. All the decorations were marvelous and all the people who helped with the concert did an awesome job. The play was spectacular and it appeared that nobody forgot their lines. Hopefully next year the spring concert is just as spectacular.


The forensics season has started back up again and this year I have high hopes. Katilin and I worked really well last year in forensics and this year we are going to work together in the category special events. We would like to do category “A” in special events, which is Take a Vacation Blog. We really need to get started on our script, though.

This past practice was fun, but I was very off track. Katilin was babysitting so the two kids had to come to forensics. I couldn’t help but pay attention to them. They were so cute and every time they would say my name I had to respond. I just felt so bad because all they could do at forensics was draw and play games on a chrome book. Although, we did get some things done. For example, we got our category done and the story basis. Now we have to finish our entire five-minute script in two weeks. Or at least the leader of forensics wants us to. Also, we sort of have a plan of what we want to wear to meets. There are some things that I wish we could change. Like if we had more time to write our script and I don’t like that you have to have a score of 62 or higher to get a blue ribbon and qualify for state.

Although this year at state there will be fewer people and who knows we might be able to make it to state. This year we even have a forensics team of 40 kids. I think we have a good shot this year, though. We have more experience and the category we are in is a lot easier than what we chose last year. So, hopefully, we do well in forensics this year.


December Already!

It is already December and I am hoping we start getting snow. I mean just two years ago it was snowing on thanksgiving. I heard it might snow on Sunday, but I don’t know how long it will last. Also, I miss not having snow that you could play in. I recall one year there was a blizzard be fore Christmas break and we did not have school for that week because of the snow. Last years December was not any fun either because it was always cold and there was just slush everywhere.

Although there is a lot of highlights I am looking forward to. For example, we get off a whole week and two holidays occur while we are off. I am also getting presents and candy from my family. I even get to see my friends and have sleepovers for our Christmas gift exchange. Also, 2017 is not that far away and I am very interested if anything new will occur. Lastly, I am attending lots of Christmas family gift togethers and enjoy time with my cousins.

Are you looking forward to all the events in December? Well I am atleast. Anyways, I hope you have an awesome December and have lots of events coming up too.